Goddess of Venom
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Serqet's Basic Attacks apply Catalyst, which consumes her lingering poisons. If the target is affected by two or three different poisons, they take additional damage.


Serqet dashes three times from side to side, dealing damage and applying Deathbane Poison to each enemy hit. This ability can Critical Hit, and Serqet is immune to Knockup while dashing. Deathbane Poison reduces a target's Physical Protection for a short time, after which it remains in a lingering dormant state for 20s.

Cobra's Kiss

Serqet launches her two blades forward, dealing damage and applying the Cobra's Kiss Poison. Cobra's Kiss Poison drives gods to madness, forcing them to attack nearby allies dealing this damage again, or walk harmlessly towards Serqet. After the madness, Cobra's Kiss remains in a lingering dormant state for 20s.


Serqet vanishes, Rooting herself in place. She may leap once, revealing herself and dealing damage to enemies. She will stay hidden until she leaps or cancels this ability. Enemy gods within range 12.5 will also reveal her.

Last Breath

Serqet leaps to an enemy, Stunning them, applying the Last Breath poison, then pushing them 30 units away. The Last Breath poison deals damage over the next 5s, and prevents healing. If an enemy dies while infected with Last Breath, they will explode, applying the poison to all nearby enemies.
Hero Tags (Theme)
Insect (6.0)
Poison (6.0)
Scorpion (3.0)
Seduction (3.0)
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