Keeper of the Wild
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Hero Abilities

Nature's Protection

Enemies that successfully land a melee Basic Attack on Sylvanus have a 25% chance to be Rooted for 1s. This may only happen once every 12s.

Verdant Growth

Sylvanus throws a seed to a target location. If it hits an enemy they will take damage and become Rooted. If the seed lands on the ground, after 5s it will grow into a flower providing MP5 to nearby allies. The pod can be destroyed by Basic Attacks (maximum 3 pods), exploding and releasing poisonous spores that reduce Protections of nearby enemies.


Sylvanus releases wisps that seek out nearby allied and enemy gods. Allies are healed and protected while enemies take damage over time.

Nature's Grasp

Sylvanus's treant launches his rooty hand out in front of him. The hand stops at the first enemy god hit, Stunning them and pulling them back towards Sylvanus.

Wrath of Terra

Sylvanus's treant slams his large trunks into the ground causing large thorny roots to break out of the ground around him. Enemies hit are knocked up and poisoned.
Hero Tags (Theme)
Nature (6.0)
Treant (6.0)
Frail (6.0)
Plant (3.0)
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