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Design Features
Server Status
  • A PS-VR experience which blends elements of RTS and capture points. Players pick and control three heroes, as well as troops which can be "dropped" onto the map and issued orders. Initial launch will focus on 1v1, with eventual 2v2 and 3v3 modes.

  • Japanese-themed mobile game, using characters from the Onmyoji series of games.

  • Heroes can freely alternate between battling on land, or taking off to fight in the air. Players battle over control points using a customised army, and can pick units up with their hero to drop them off elsewhere. Has many maps to choose from.

  • Japanese-themed mobile game, reportedly with good graphics for its platform.

  • Action-oriented game in which players pick a tag-team of two heroes, and collect points that enable them to transform into titans.

  • Side-scrolling platformer with an emphasis on temporary effects and bonuses obtained from jungle camps.