27th Dec, 2017By Softmints

A guide for getting the most out of Lane-Pushing Games as a whole is:

Below is a list of hand-curated links for anyone interested in lane-pushing game design, balance, and history:


  • MOBA.directory: An excellent resource which lists heroes from several popular MOBAs, and links heroes with similar mechanics and play-styles to each-other.
  • Why Dota Sucks: A provocatively titled series which aims to expose many of the weaknesses of the lane-pushing genre, written by game critic Michael Lowell. This is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable material, but is also well-researched and thorough. Anyone seriously looking to educate themselves about lane-pushing games should invest the time to read it properly.


  • Chaq's Guide to Solo Mid: Denies are a Dota2 mechanic that often gets dismissed as absurd, because "why would you kill your own team"? This guide from 2013 offers context for why denies matter, and illustrates how a few legacy Warcraft III mechanics spawned the incredibly deep laning environment that characterises Dota2.
  • Strategy over Skill: Alliance Ascendant: Ver offers an exceptionally detailed breakdown of the importance of strategic resource allocation, as mastered by the Dota2 TI3 championship-winning team Alliance.
  • The Geography of the MOBA Map: A feature piece by Josh Calixto about map layouts in commercial mobas, and how various staple genre features evolved. I was interviewed as part of it.
  • Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity: My favourite article on the internet. By Christopher Carlson.

Hero Design and Balance:

Community Spirit:

  • How To Win Ranked Games: WhatTheMoose champions the importance of making plays, and showing consideration for off-meta picks and builds.
  • Escaping MMR Hell: The essentials of how to communicate and lead teams in the trench, told in SirActionSlacks' jokey style. Don't be fooled by the frequently offensive language; this guide is about being discerning, opening lines of communication, and getting results efficiently. Probably don't take the advice on flaming though.
  • The Psychology of Rage-Quitting: A concise and well-referenced article by Platinum detailing some of the psychological factors involved with rage-quitting.


  • Reddit AMA with Neichus: A pleasant Q&A session in which one of the developers behind DotA Allstars describes his experiences working on the map.
  • Interview with Tryndamere: Marc Merill, co-founder of Riot Games shares his experiences in game development.

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