27th Apr, 2018By Softmints

Lane-Pushing Games contains a lot of information. This page is to help you get started navigating it.

If you were going to read any four articles, I would suggest these:

  1. Game Design: The Lane-Pushing Name — introduces the name of the website, and why it's used.
  2. Game Design: Armours and Resistances — a deep dive into game mechanics and systems design.
  3. Review: Water War — the first review I wrote, of a map with fascinating premise and potential.
  4. Review: Tides of Blood Part 1 and Part 2 — one of the most influential games in the genre, offering a totally different vision to what we see in the commercial space.

After that, there are another 50 or so articles which can be enjoyed in any order, though I think the Reviews are best when read "oldest first" to minimise repetition of concepts.

Readers may also be interested in the RoW Design Articles, where I discuss being lead designer of my own lane-pushing game project Rise of Winterchill (which is currently in alpha testing and open to collaborators).