16th Jun, 2018By Softmints

This page hosts a curated list of useful data for lane-pushing game developers.

Publicly Available Market Data

Year Company Title Publication Date
2018 EEDAR Gamer Segmentation Report July 2018
2018 Niko Partners Chinese Gamer Segmentation Analysis June 2018
2018 Newzoo Esports Report June 2018
2018 Newzoo Global Games Market Report June 2018
2018 SensorTower Q1 Data Digest June 2018
2018 Appodeal Monetizing Casual Games the Right Way May 2018
2017 EEDAR Awesome Video Game Data Jan 2018
2017 SuperData Year In Review Jan 2018
2015 EEDAR Esports Consumer Analysis Nov 2015
2015 EEDAR Deconstructing the Free-to-Play MOBA Market Nov 2015
2012 Riot Games League of Legends Infographic Oct 2012

Most of the above reports are "light" versions, with full versions available to purchase for several hundred to several thousand dollars. Do check in on the various suppliers as they may have more recent data available.

Informal Surveys

Year User Title Publication Date
2018 Ischacht HotS Survey May 2018
2017 leafeator Dota2 Survey May 2017
2017 Quantic Foundry Female Gamers in MOBAs (10%) Jan 2017
2016 Aconceptthatworks Why People Buy Skins in League and Dota2 (Masters Thesis) Sept 2016
2016 GwelsHeroes HotS Census June 2016
2016 GwelsHeroes HotS Census Jan 2016
2015 leafeator Dota2 Survey April 2015
2012 Ninsha League of Legends Survey (Google Docs) May 2012

The above surveys were found by searching through reddit for general-use statistics. They are all biased towards reddit's demographic, and the timing of a survey can affect results (such as the 16-22 age range typically being occupied with exams in May/June).

Found more resources? Let us know!