God of the Nile
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Hero Abilities

Blessing of the Nile

Sobek's Basic Attacks and abilities that hit an enemy grant him Protections for a short time.

Charge Prey

Sobek charges forward at a frenzied pace. If Sobek hits an enemy, he does damage and throws the enemy behind himself. Sobek is immune to Knockups whilst dashing.

Tail Whip

Sobek whips around in a circle, knocking enemies back and doing damage.

Sickening Strike

Sobek does an axe attack that damages all enemies in front of him and lowers their healing received. In addition, Sobek heals for each enemy hit, up to 3.

Lurking in the Waters

Sobek submerges himself, where he gains 30% protections, regenerates Mana, is immune to Crowd Control and he Slows all enemies. When Sobek emerges, he damages all enemies in the radius. Cancelling the ability decreases the damage.