The Sleeping Giant
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Kumbhakarna does not die when he reaches 0 Health, instead he falls asleep. He will awaken after 8s at 25% Health and Mana, unless hit with 6 Basic Attacks (+1 every 5 levels) while sleeping. This passive has a 240s Cooldown.

Throw Back

Kumbhakarna sleepily runs forward. If he hits an enemy he stops and deals damage. If the enemy is a minion, he throws them, dealing increased damage to each enemy they hit.

Groggy Strike

Kumbhakarna smashes down, damaging all enemies in front of him and Rooting them.

Mighty Yawn

Kumbhakarna lets out a mighty yawn that Mesmerizes all enemies in range. If awakened early, enemies have their Attack Speed and Movement Speed Slowed. Kumbhakarna may use this ability while asleep.

Epic Uppercut

Kumbhakarna moves forward, stops at the first enemy god he encounters, and delivers a massive melee attack that uppercuts the enemy directly into the air. When the enemy lands, it deals area damage and causes Knockup to enemies nearby.
Hero Tags (Theme)
Dreams (6.0)
Hero Tags (Ability)
Reboot (8.0)
Uppercut (8.0)
Area Root (8.0)
Banish (5.0)
Dash (3.0)
Enfeeble (1.0)
Knockup (1.0)
Mezmerize (1.0)
Root (1.0)
Slow (1.0)