Slayer of Enemies
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Anhur's spear attacks reduce the enemy target's Physical Protection for 3 seconds.

Shifting Sands

Anhur erects an obelisk from the ground, blocking all player movement. The surrounding sands Slow enemies and increase the damage of Anhur's Basic Attacks against targets in the sands.


Anhur hurls his spear with great might. If the spear hits a god, they take damage and are knocked back. Gods knocked back into a wall are Stunned. The spear passes through minions, doing damage to them as well.


Anhur leaps to his ground target location, doing damage and knocking back all enemies in the radius where he lands.

Desert Fury

Summoning the fury of the desert, Anhur hunkers down and throws empowered spears that pass through everything, doing damage to all enemies in their path. He is immune to Crowd Control for the duration.
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Cat (6.0)
Sand (3.0)
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