Hidden Jaguar Sun
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Hero Abilities

Dead of Night

Any enemy gods that Xbalanque kills increases his Physical Power permanently.

Branching Bola

When Xbalanque toggles on this ability, his Basic Attacks deal additional damage. When the bola hits, it splits into 2 that hit enemies up to 30 units behind the target for 30% damage (on-hit effects do not apply). Pressing the ability again cancels toggle.

Poison Darts

Xbalanque shoots 10 darts in a cone in front of him, dealing damage with each one. An enemy can be hit by 3 darts, with the other 2 doing 30% damage. Enemies hit are poisoned, taking additional damage every .5s and are Slowed.

Rising Jaguar

Xbalanque rushes forward and then jumps into the air. While in the air, he fires darts at all nearby enemies, dealing damage to all in the area. Any enemies that were poisoned by Xbalanque take additional damage.

Darkest of Nights

Xbalanque shrouds enemies in darkness for 3s. During this time, Xbalanque's Basic Attack range and his movement speed are increased. At the end of the darkness, any enemy gods moving at the time are Stunned.