Weaver of Fate
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Hero Abilities

Broken Weave

A Broken Weave appears at the last location that each enemy god dies. The Broken Weaves give her abilities secondary effects when used on the Broken Weaves. These weaves last for 1 minute.

Spirit Arrow

Neith fires a shot that passes through everything. Each enemy hit takes damage and is Rooted. If the Spirit Arrow hits a Broken Weave, the Weave detonates, dealing an additional 100% of the damage and applying the Root to all enemies in the area.


Neith neatly unravels the world weaves, damaging all enemies in the target area, reducing their Attack Speed, and healing Neith for each enemy hit, up to 3. Any Broken Weaves in the area are removed, healing Neith an additional amount.

Back Flip

Neith back flips through the air, creating a Broken Weave as she leaps while damaging and Slowing enemies in the area in front of her.

World Weaver

Neith charges up and fires an arrow across the world, seeking its target through obstacles. Enemy gods take damage and are Stunned. The arrow can be fired quicker for diminished results.
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Bow (6.0)