God of the Oceans
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Hero Abilities

Changing Tides

Poseidon's movement speed increases and his abilities do additional damage as his Tide Level increases. Successful Basic Attack hits increase his Tide, and using abilities decreases it.

Tidal Surge

Poseidon summons forth a wave that travels in a line, dealing damage and pushing back all enemies in its path.


Poseidon activates his Trident, granting movement speed and making his Basic Attacks fire 2 additional shots in a spread for 6s. The shots deal Magical damage plus 20% of Poseidon's Magical Power. All shots increase Poseidon's Tide on successful hit.


Poseidon summons a whirlpool at his ground target location that Cripples targets, preventing movement abilities, and pulls targets toward the center dealing Magical damage every .5s for 3s. Reduces Poseidon's Tide by 25% when cast.

Release the Kraken!

Poseidon releases the Kraken, damaging and Slowing targets in its radius. Enemies in the center of the effect when it spawns take additional damage, are bounced into the air and Stunned.
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Water (6.0)