the Lawgiver
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Hero Abilities


Stuns, Taunts, Fears, Intoxicate, and Mesmerize cannot affect Tyr for longer than 1s.


Tyr charges forward, immune to Knockup, damaging enemies. Assault Stance: Tyr pushes all enemies along with him, hitting them 2 times and knocking them up in the air. Guard Stance: Tyr hits each enemy only once, passing through them.

Power Cleave

Tyr makes a massive melee attack, hitting all enemies within a 180 degree cone. Assault Stance: Enemies that are knocked up in the air are knocked away. Guard Stance: Tyr heals twice for the first enemy hit, and once for each additional enemy (max 3).

Change Stance

Tyr changes between Assault and Guard stances. Changing stances refreshes the cooldown on Fearless and Power Cleave. Assault Stance: Gain Physical Power. Guard Stance: Gain Protections.


Tyr leaps through the air, bringing indiscriminate justice upon all enemies in the target area, and Slowing them.