Demon King of Lanka
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Hero Abilities

Chain of Blows

Successful Basic Attacks and abilities against an Enemy add to Ravana's Combo Chain. Each time his Chain reaches 8 he receives a Shield equal to 5% of his Maximum Health. This may stack up to 3 times.

Prana Onslaught

Ravana throws a powerful punch, projecting his prana with it to damage and slow all enemies in front of him.

Overhead Kick

Ravana performs a high kick, sending a shockwave forward to damage all enemies in a line and rendering him CC and damage immune during the action.

10-Hand Shadow Fist

Ravana's fists fly forward, damaging and passing through minions and damaging and rooting the first god hit. Ravana heals for each enemy hit - with maximum damage sources of one god and up to three minions.

Mystic Rush

Ravana leaps to a target location, damaging all enemies in range. The centermost target is then linked to Ravana, doing full damage to him while all other gods do reduced damage.

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Demon (6.0)
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