Goddess of Cats
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Open Wound

When Bastet hits an enemy with Pounce, Razor Whip or Declaw, she wounds the target for a brief time. If the target has a wound, those abilities deal additional damage and remove the wound instead.


Bastet pounces to her target location, damaging enemies within the radius. For 4 seconds after pouncing, you can press the button again to pounce back to your initial location. Bastet moves 25% faster while in the return pounce state.

Razor Whip

Bastet swipes at her enemies, causing them to Bleed for damage every second for the duration.


Bastet throws her dagger, which detonates on her target dealing damage and slowing the enemies in the area.

Cat Call

Bastet summons 3 cats that attack nearby targets, Slowing and damaging them. Sensing the smell of blood, the cats will attack Bleeding enemies first.
Hero Tags (Theme)
Cat (6.0)
Whip (3.0)
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