Goddess of Destruction
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Marked for Death

A random Enemy god is selected as Kali's Death Mark. Kali gains a Physical Penetration bonus against that god, and Heals 80% of her Max Health for killing the god or 15% for earning an Assist. Gold Bounty from that god is increased by 30% for a Kill or Assist. A new Death Mark is selected any time her current target dies. If Kali dies it is set to whichever god last hit her.

Nimble Strike

Kali leaps forward, damaging enemies in the target area and healing herself for a percent of their missing Health.


Kali throws several blades, that converge upon the target location. Each does damage and causes bleed. Kali gains Physical Lifesteal against targets affected by this Bleed.


Kali hurls her incense at her feet, exploding it. Enemies hit are Stunned, while Kali gains a Physical Power bonus.


Kali becomes an unstoppable force of destruction, creating a damage aura around her. During this time, she can be reduced to 1 Health, but cannot die. She is Immune to Knockup, Slow effects, and protected from Root, but still vulnerable to Stuns. If Kali is under 15% of her total Health at the end of the duration, she will heal to 15% Health.
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