Goddess of the Hunt
Hero Tags (Role)
Release Date
Release Date
Hero Abilities

Still Target

Artemis gains a Critical Strike chance Buff on each successful hit.

Transgressor's Fate

Artemis places a trap on the ground. Enemy gods coming within 5 units of her traps activate them, Rooting and Crippling the enemy god, preventing movement abilities and dealing damage every second for 3s.

Vengeful Assault

Artemis attacks at a furious pace, increasing her Attack and Movement Speed significantly.

Suppress the Insolent

Artemis fires a volley into a ground target, suppressing all of her enemies. Enemies caught within the volley are damaged and are Slowed.

Calydonian Boar

Artemis summons the great Calydonian Boar on her enemies, doing damage to the nearest enemy god and Stunning them, and itself. The boar is immune until it hits the first god and then continues to charge other gods for its lifetime. Artemis is also immune to Crowd Control for 3s.
Hero Tags (Theme)
Bow (6.0)
Nature (3.0)
The Moon (3.0)
Hunter (3.0)