This game licences intellectual property from another source.

Mobile game based on League of Legends, with a casual Japanese school festival theme and zany characters. It uses some licenced characters from 'My Hero Academia'.

Japanese-themed mobile game, using characters from the Onmyoji series of games.

Characters from various DC Comics battle in an interactive urban environment. Heroes can pick up cars and throw them, detonate nearby hot dog stands, or create more debris with their abilities.

Simplifies many traditional lane-pushing game mechanics to focus on being a structured team-brawling game. It has a huge range of maps to play on with varying objectives, and relies entirely on hero-specific talent trees to provide customisation options during each match.

Halloween-themed map; all three lanes must be fully pushed in at least once before the main base can be taken. Heroes have lots of spells and active items available

Action-oriented game in which players pick a tag-team of two heroes, and collect points that enable them to transform into titans.

Mobile game resembling League of Legends, with slightly simpler heroes and action controls. It's enormously popular, and the Chinese audience is reportedly 54% female. The non-Chinese version of the game uses a different cast of characters, tailored for the western market.

Gameplay on the Switch is different to mobile, and as a result it is not cross-platform compatible.