Players can buy extra batches of troops on a non-recurring basis, which will be controlled by their team's AI.

PSVR game which blends hero shooters and mobas. It has a destructable environment, and super minions are beckoned forth when a player raises both hands into the air!

No relation to Megalith (2005).

Simple 1v1 one-lane game, offers some troop customisation but not much else.

Primarily a hero shooter, but has a basic lane-pushing mode with a single lane. Aside from levelling up, heroes can build miniature towers, healing pads, or accelerator pads at a few predetermined locations.

Buy and upgrade tanks with weapons that automatically fire at nearby enemies, or specialise in smuggling goods behind enemy lines.

All heroes are designed to use and interact with 'conditions', a fixed set of debuffs that can be manipulated in complex ways.