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Land of Legends is an AoS most notable for its innovative hero classification system. Each hero in LoL has a class (Melee/Ranger/Caster) which restricts the items they can buy. Items sell for 100% of their cost, which makes switching item build or 'upgrading' items easy to do at any point in the game. The four main item groups are below:

Note: a more refined version of this system is used in Age of Myths. This older implementation is written up for historical accuracy.

  • Misc: These items can be picked up by any hero class.
    • Basic stat increases like agi/int/str, regeneration, movement speed, and counters to invisibility or summons are available here. These items are all fairly cheap.
    • Most defensive and armour items are misc.
    • Regeneration 'potions' are permanent items with cooldowns instead of limited-use consumables. They heal a fixed amount of life instantly. The strongest health potion is melee-only; the strongest mana potion is caster-only.
  • Melee: Every melee item grants a bonus to attack damage. The other passive effects on these items are usually on-attack effects, with a handful of utility actives like dispels and heals. There are 34 in total.
  • Ranger: Every ranger item grants a bonus to attack damage. Items tend to focus around attacks, on-attack debuffs, and some self-buffs like mana regeneration or minor armour increases. There are 22 in total.
  • Caster: Items are mostly activated, do not grant attack damage, and instead offer utility effects like healing, silence, auras, and summoning. There are also some offensive spells, and the remaining handful of defensive items fall under this category. There are 17 in total.
Shows the tooltip for the item "Drunken Mace (Melee)"
A selection of melee items.

LoL uses a special system for most of its passive item bonuses: only the highest bonus of each type applies! This means that having two Melee or two Ranger items is partially redundant, because all such items give attack damage.

A hero will usually pick up one item of each type (attack damage, armour), and upgrade it as the game progresses by selling their current one (at no loss) and buying another with a higher bonus. They can supplement this with some misc items, or a weaker class items which have useful non-damage passive bonuses.

A red dragon breathes a massive continuous stream of flame onto an area
The Red Dragon, summoned exclusively by a caster item.

Land of Legends also has a few other tidbits for sale, including the ability to buy an extra wave of minions, a single wave of siege units, or buy a wrench which can place a non-combat regeneration effect on towers or siege units, cast with global range.

The heroes are typical of 2005, but include a few interesting concepts such as the Engineer, who has no class, but can build permanent towers and upgrade his team's units. It's also possible for players to repick their hero at any time, but the new hero starts back at level 1, so this is only practical early-game.

Behind the team's healing fountain in their base, is a portal with text explaining that entering will allow repicks
Step this way to be born anew!

Land of Legends' class system was a decisive feature to introduce, but overall the map had little else going on. Its legacy is mostly maintained by Age of Myths, which has used the class system with only a few refinements for many years.