This game's servers are no longer available to the public. Hopefully they will made available for archival purposes some day.

Introduces a wider range of map objectives and hero build options.

A third-person shooter in which players defend their team's boss monster, while fighting to take down the enemy's boss monster.

Individual heroes could be unlocked and persistently progressed by playing with them in one of many game modes including single-player campaigns, lane-pushing on various maps, and co-operative dungeon crawling.

Designed for tablet, with expressive touch-gesture controls for abilities: such as dragging a hero around the screen to control their dash ability.

The game never made it past closed beta, and the team behind it now make the app called 'discord'.

A sci-fi game with a large focus on the lanes. Teams may upgrade their troops and increase the numbers being spawned. This allowed for some level of RTS strategy with certain troops countering others.

Developed and marketed primarily in Asia. Players enter the match picking three heroes, and can swap which one is active after dying. In-game progression is heavily weighted towards loadouts, though heroes having a large choice of skills to level up, and lots of consumable items, also played a part.