When troop production buildings (barracks, inhibitors) are destroyed, they can eventually come back.

A 7v7 game from China, based on League of Legends and using apparently unlicenced IP from a wide variety of sources. The jungle creeps are all pokemon, while heroes include characters from disney, anime, and other games.

Prioritised having a flexible meta and streamlined a number of game systems to make the genre more accessible. The game allowed its community to steer the direction of the story through an accompanying webcomic, and was considered very successful at engaging its players in world-building and lore.

All of its characters are based on real-world gods and myths from pantheons from around the world. It was among the first games played from a third-person perspective, offering a more immersive experience and affecting its vision and movement mechanics. The game uses almost entirely skill-shots, and offers a variety of competitive lane-pushing modes.

Mobile game resembling League of Legends, with slightly simpler heroes and action controls. It's enormously popular, and the Chinese audience is reportedly 54% female. The non-Chinese version of the game uses a different cast of characters, tailored for the western market.

Gameplay on the Switch is different to mobile, and as a result it is not cross-platform compatible.

Due to its two boss objectives and carefully tuned economy, it has a stable meta with fixed lane positions for each hero role.