The Tyrant
Hero Abilities

Pure Shaper - Master/Servant

Mina may cast her abilities freely. Mina forms a bond with the first ally Shaper that remains near her for more than 3 seconds, increasing both their movespeed by 25 as long as they remain close.


Mina fires a ghostly force in target direction, dealing 40 / 80 / 120 / 170 / 200 (+0.45) magical damage to the first target hit. If the target struck was a Shaper, Mina or her Host will become empowered for the next 4 seconds - differently depending on Mina or her Host's Archetype. Carry, Mage, Assassin: Next damage dealt to an enemy Shaper crushes their soul, dealing 40 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 (+0.4) bonus magical damage. Bruiser, Tank, Support: Next damage dealt to an enemy Shaper crushes their body, dealing 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+0.2) bonus magical damage and slowing them by 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% for 2 seconds

Key to the Heart

First Cast: Mina leaves her body, becoming untargetable and attaching to target ally Shaper. Mina immediately grants her Host 30 / 48 / 65 / 83 / 100 (+0.35) shielding, and generates an additional 6 / 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 (+0.07) shielding every 1.5 seconds (up to a max of 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+0.7)). Mina takes 40% of the damage her Host takes. Recast: Mina leaves her Host and rematerializes her body at target location, shielding herself for 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+0.7) before dealing 35 / 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 (+0.4) magical damage and fearing all enemies in an area for 0.5 seconds.

Siphon Soul

Instantly depletes the soul of target enemy, dealing 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+0.6) magical damage and granting Mina or her Host 15% (+0.04%) Damage Reduction for 4 seconds.

Sever Ties

Mina instantly exposes the soul of all enemy Shapers in an area, dealing 90 / 150 / 210 (+0.4) magical damage and causing them to take 10% (+0.04%) increased damage from Shapers for 5 seconds.

A luminary of our fair and esteemed city has, tragically, become a widower. The wife of Baron Cenno Prisardi failed to return from festivities on the final night of the Festival of Glass. It is thought the Baroness may have fallen into the sea during a late inspection of the Count's offering for the Blessing of Dolls. The bereaved Cenno lamented that he allowed the late Baroness to enjoy her cups during the traditional vizalla butterfly watching. He confessed that he had found her quite drunk that evening. As has become common in recent years, Baron Prisardi had commissioned a lavish offering to the Spirits, in hope of receiving an heir. This year he engaged the prestigious Messori & Sons of Flotta Street to complete a full-scale sailing caravel. This magnificent vessel was "captained" by a life-size doll in bisque porcelain commissioned from P.F. Gemell of Sarissa. As a gesture of mourning, the doll, a juvenile likeness of the late Baroness, has been removed from public display. Cognoscenti estimate the cost of the enterprise to be in excess of forty thousand gold marins. This would bring Prisardi's investment in recent Festivals to a staggering total of one hundred thousand marins. The city watch has not ruled out foul play, as many of our city's most repugnant and detestable poor have used the excuse of the recent holidays to infest the waterfront. A cull has been scheduled for the coming week. In happier news, Baron Prisardi has announced a contract of engagement between himself and the youngest daughter of Count Brenulli, with transferal of rights and estates to be concluded by the close of business on Junil 13. The editors of this broadsheet are certain they speak for all when we wish Cenno a prosperous and fruitful engagement. - Account of All Distinguished and Commemorable News, Aprelle 19, 1543

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