21st Dec, 2013By Softmints4 minutes

Enmity Campaign is a classic example of the "old school" style of AoS seen around 2004-2006. Hero design was just blooming into a worthwhile pursuit, and most modders were anxious to try new things. Enmity certainly went the distance, with adjustments to the usual formula on almost every front.

29th Nov, 2013By Softmints7 minutes

A consistent favourite of public players, Age of Myths is a 6v6 AoS with a central focus on hero versus hero combat. It is notable for having heavily scripted custom heroes, along with some of the flashiest spell effects in the genre.  

28th Nov, 2013By Softmints2 minutes

Land of Legends is an AoS most notable for its innovative hero classification system. Each hero in LoL has a class (Melee/Ranger/Caster) which restricts the items they can buy. Items sell for 100% of their cost, which makes switching item build or 'upgrading' items easy to do at any point in the game. The four main item groups are below:

20th Oct, 2013By Softmints2 minutes

This article is about ability resources: a type of mechanic which a moba designer can use to direct when a player should use their hero's abilities.

If an ability is free, a player will use it in every situation where it is beneficial (or at least, more beneficial than attacking, which is also free). It is usually more elegant to make this kind of ability passive or toggled.

17th Oct, 2013By Softmints3 minutes

The Great Strategy was one of the first AoS maps to take a hands-off approach to hero design. The premise was that heroes start with a single innate ability, and players can buy and upgrade the rest of their kit by spending a special resource called Ability Points, gained primarily by leveling up, but also by killing enemy players.

Abilities are divided into four types:

29th Sep, 2013By Softmints2 minutes

PerSonas and its sequel Arkana are a pair of maps which both implemented a very clever mechanic called the perSona switch. At the start of the game, players pick two heroes; each is called a persona.

At any point during the game, pressing 'Q' will activate a perSona switch, instantly replacing one persona with the other. Switching preserves life and shield percentages, while removing buffs and disjointing projectiles, so the ability has intrinsic value.

25th Sep, 2013By Softmints4 minutes

Water War - Submerged was one of the earliest maps to do something different. The game consists of two warring factions of amphibious creatures, Clan Aqua and Clan Marine, battling it out across the ocean between their island encampments.

The factions are completely identical, right down to the unit models and colours. The game is a 4v4 matchup over three lanes, but this is about as non-standard as three lanes gets!