A hero's items (or equivalent) can be upgraded to increase or improve their stats.

Gameplay takes place on a 3D planet, with lanes from the north to south poles. The planet slowly rotates, and players need to stay on the "sunny" half to survive. Also, map objectives become physically inaccessible or disappear for a while, as new ones are steadily rotated in. This creates a natural pacing for when objectives will come up, and pressures teams with the advantage to claim as much as possible from the map before it vanishes into the dusk.

The heroes are sci-fi interpretations of the greek gods, and several of them can fly by default. This is balanced as one of the "summoner spells" in the game can temporarily disable flight.

Ascendant One is made in Korea using the Unreal Engine.

Allows teams to upgrade their lane troops, allowing for some level of RTS strategy.

Characters from various DC Comics battle in an interactive urban environment. Heroes can pick up cars and throw them, detonate nearby hot dog stands, or create more debris with their abilities.

Community project intended as a spiritual successor to Dawngate. It has since been discontinued, and the work to-date made open-source as a Unity3D project.

Buy and upgrade tanks with weapons that automatically fire at nearby enemies, or specialise in smuggling goods behind enemy lines.

Played from a third-person perspective, which affects vision mechanics. The game uses almost entirely skill-shots.