Player-controlled units are moved around by issuing orders.

A 7v7 game from China, based on League of Legends and using apparently unlicenced IP from a wide variety of sources. The jungle creeps are all pokemon, while heroes include characters from disney, anime, and other games.

Heroes have two dedicated item slots for consumables, which play a large role in gameplay.

Simple 1v1 one-lane game, offers some troop customisation but not much else.

Players capture "territory" on their path to victory, and abilities sometimes behave differently on friendly territory. Heroes have access to both regular and hero-specific items (which can be unlocked on a player's account).

Fictional and historic characters compete for points in a sports-themed arena. Victory is achieved by destroying the enemy base, reaching 20 points, or point advantage at 20 minutes.

Characters from various DC Comics battle in an interactive urban environment. Heroes can pick up cars and throw them, detonate nearby hot dog stands, or create more debris with their abilities.