Multiple battlefields are available to play on under the same set of rules. Player count, hero numbers, resource gain, etc. should be identical on all battlefields.

Individual heroes could be unlocked and persistently progressed by playing with them in one of many game modes including single-player campaigns, lane-pushing on various maps, and co-operative dungeon crawling.

Side-scrolling platformer with an emphasis on temporary effects and bonuses obtained from jungle camps.

Heroes can freely alternate between battling on land, or taking off to fight in the air. Players battle over control points using a customised army, and can pick units up with their hero to drop them off elsewhere. Has many maps to choose from.

A 2D-platformer lane-pushing game. Has interesting elements of verticality, as heroes can drop quickly from top lane to lower ones.

Simplifies many traditional lane-pushing game mechanics to focus on being a structured team-brawling game. It has a huge range of maps to play on with varying objectives, and relies entirely on hero-specific talent trees to provide customisation options during each match.

Ambitious and heavily-featured game of grand strategy. Teams select a race, providing access to different heroes and armies, before clashing on one of five battlefields, each with different objectives and sizes.

Players control either an Assassin hero on the front lines, or a General hero supporting and managing the team's army.