TitleShen Rao
Tempest of the East
Hero Tags (Role)
Release Date
Release Date
Hero Abilities

Shock Blast

Shoot an accelerating projectile that explodes dealing damage.

Storm Bolt

Produce a violent storm that deals damage and inflicts Storm Struck


Travel to target location move faster for some time while hovering. During this time you may cast two Lightning Bolts that deal damage.


Block projectiles and melee attacks from in front of you by creating a whirling wind that knocks away enemies. Any projectile that is blocked extends the duration of the whirl.

Dragon Roar

Cause lightning to strike down at target location. The lightning bolt deals damage and inflicts Root. A delayed blast deals additional damage in a larger area and inflicts Silence.


Create a field of empowering magic that heals nearby allies for health. While inside the filed you move faster and can move while casting Shock Blast.

Dragon Storm

Summon storm dragons to orbit you dealing damage and inflicting Snare on enemies hit. Recast to fire all dragons in the same direction.