The Unwavering Light
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Release Date
Hero Abilities

Hammer of Justice

Melee attack that deals damage. Your weapon charges over time. When fully charged, it deals damage and inflicts Stun to closest enemy and area damage to nearby enemies.

Holy Light

Call down a beam of holy light that heals the ally nearest target location.


Become immaterial and dash forward to slam an enemy dealing damage. Dashing through an ally heals self and ally, applies Favor, recharges your weapon and resets cooldown. Cannot hit allies affected by Favor.

Favor: Increases healing received from your abilities by 40%. Lasts 5s.

Radiant Shield

Put up your shield and absorb projectile and melee attacks in front of you. Absorbing an attack charges your shield up to 3 times. Fires a wave of light in a cone dealing damage and inflicting Blind when the effect ends if your shield is charged. Each charge increases the radius.


Knock nearby enemies back and replace Holy Light with Smite, a projectile attack dealing damage. The effect can be cancelled by recasting the ability.


Jump into the air and slam your hammer into the ground to send out a shockwave. The shockwave deals damage and launches an enemy into the air.

Aegis of Valor

Throw your returning Aegis. Deals damage and inflicts Incapacitate, damage increases with travel distance. The Aegis lands on the ground on impact. Picking it up or catching it when it returns applies Divinity.

Divinity: Shields ally absorbing up to 24 damage, increases movement speed by 25% and damage output by 25%. Lasts 5s.


Sworn protector of the weak, devout follower of the Way of Symphony, and unwavering light against the dark. Ulric, trained in the holy Monastery of Resonance, has spent many years traveling the lands to spread the word of the Light. He joins the Arena now to demonstrate to allies, foes, and onlookers alike the primacy of the True Path.

Hero Tags (Theme)
Paladin (6.0)
Light (3.0)
Shield (3.0)