The game is played essentially on a flat plane.

Mobile game based on League of Legends, with a casual Japanese school festival theme and zany characters. Currently only available in China.

A PS-VR experience which blends elements of RTS and capture points. Players pick and control three heroes, as well as troops which can be "dropped" onto the map and issued orders. Initial launch will focus on 1v1, with eventual 2v2 and 3v3 modes.

Japanese-themed mobile game, reportedly with good graphics for its platform.

A 7v7 game from China, based on League of Legends and using apparently unlicenced IP from a wide variety of sources. The jungle creeps are all pokemon, while heroes include characters from disney, anime, and other games.

Heroes have two dedicated item slots for consumables, which play a large role in gameplay.

Designed for tablet, with expressive touch-gesture controls for abilities: such as dragging a hero around the screen to control their dash ability.