Hero Abilities

Nothing to Waste

When an enemy unit dies within experience radius of Scavenger, she will swoop to their location and harvest what she can: healing for a percentage of her missing health.

You may manually activate this ability to swoop on any item that may be picked up.

Cherished Feast

A swarm of your kin appear at the rim of the target circle along any edge where your allies have a presence. They immediately swoop toward the centre: each dealing damage and applying a stacking slow for a short duration to the first enemy they hit.


Strike enemy units in a short-ranged cone with an attack, stealing all positive timed buffs from them.

Alternatively, double-tap to strike enemies in a radius around you with an attack and heal for 100% of damage dealt.

Gristly Fate

The target allied unit gains a damage shield, which ignores damage from any unit below 33% of its maximum life.

The shield will last for 4 seconds on yourself, or 4 seconds on an ally, after which it transfers back to you for 8 seconds if it's still alive.


After a short delay, enemies in the target area gain a debuff which makes them more vulnerable and deals damage over time for 30 seconds, or until they have left your team's vision.


This hero is in development, more details will be added over time.

Consumer of carrion and collector of crumbs, Scavenger lacks the brawn to fight on direct terms... but there's other ways to earn a crust.

Especially if it's taken from someone else's loaf!

Scavenger combines a number of themes: the vulture which circles before preying on the weak; the desperate, opportunistic vagrant picking up and finding a use for anything; and occasionally the precise intervention of a surgeon.

Nothing to Waste is Scavenger's modus operandi: she (and her player) give up direct control of her positioning to enjoy a regular buffet of free heals. This can't be turned off, and the experience of playing her can occasionally be likened to riding a mechanical bull.

Cherished Feast can sometimes deal enough single-target damage to let her reposition by executing low-life troops at range, but an ally which can place items is much more enabling. And a good thing to bring friends: the more an enemy is surrounded and isolated, the more devastating Feast can be.

Plunder is a dangerous tool: opening many build options as an attack modifier hitting multiple targets. She can't choose what buffs her opponents might have... but the threat of stealing their laning rewards is a constant.

Gristly Fate and Dissection bring some team-play into her kit. Both work favourably in extended fights, and put her weakened enemies in an even worse position. However, if they stand together Scavenger may have a tough time finding openings: and she is easily baited out of position.

Together, her abilities form the ingredients of a powerful attrition engine: provided it can be pointed in the right direction!