the Saltwater Scourge
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Hero Abilities

Trial by Fire

Every few seconds, Gangplank's melee strike will set his opponent on fire.

If Gangplank successfully hits a target with Trial by Fire, he gains 30% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Destroying a Powder Keg instantly readies Trial by Fire and grants its bonus movement speed.


Shoots target, plundering Gold for each enemy unit killed.

Remove Scurvy

Eats citrus to cure crowd control effects and restore Health.

Powder Keg

Gangplank uncovers a powder keg at target location. If he attacks it, it explodes, spreading the attack's damage to enemies in the area, slowing them.

Cannon Barrage

Gangplank signals his ship to bombard an area, slowing and damaging enemies.
''I was cutting throats and sinking Noxian war galleys when you were still pissing your britches, boy. You don't want to take me on.''

As unpredictable as he is brutal, the dethroned reaver king known as Gangplank is feared far and wide. Where he goes, death and ruin follow, and such is his infamy and reputation that the merest sight of his black sails on the horizon causes panic among even the hardiest crew.
Hero Tags (Theme)
Pirate (6.0)
Pistol (6.0)
Munitions (5.0)