28th Apr, 2018By Softmints

It's been a long time coming. The new site is finally ready!

As well as all the reviews, design articles, and interviews you're used to, Lane-Pushing Games now has a full index of lane-pushing games, richly tagged and searchable! This includes those which haven't been reviewed yet.

Use it to check what's coming out next, search for games with similar features, or explore some new titles! I hope this will be a resource you find useful - please share it!

I will also be moving some of my design articles for Rise of Winterchill (the lane-pushing game I'm working on) to this site. I'd prefer them to exist independently of any redesign to the game's site, and there is plenty of rich thought which will be very much at home here.

My goal is to continue Lane-Pushing Games as an authoritative, impartial source of information about this distinguished category of MOBA games and their history. There remains much work to do in populating the database, and I am looking for interested persons who can help with managing and curating this resource. Feedback in general is very welcome too, of course.

And finally, perhaps I can get back to a few articles sometime soon! There are so many that deserve to be written.