Hero Abilities


This hero is visible to enemies through fog of war at all times. He also blocks enemy sight like a wall, so they can't see past him. Passive.

Mystic Shashka

Throw a projectile at a target tree, damaging and applying 'Perplexed' to enemies in its path. It can optionally bounce off the tree in a chosen direction, hitting enemies a second time.

('Perplexed' deals light damage while a target is moving, and only expires while they are standing still. Several heroes have access to it.)

Rush of Faith

Pause for 2 seconds, before rushing to the target ally at increased speed to heal them in melee range. Further activations will cost influence, and add +60% healing, a cleanse, and an area cleanse.

Vivid Words

Gestures to enemies in a crescent-shaped arc, dealing light damage. If the ability is cast at short range, gain influence for each hit; if cast far targets will be affected by a tapering slow.

Peerless Stature

For the next 9 seconds, your influence will absorb 90% of incoming damage.

(This behaves as a very efficient mana shield.)


This hero is in development, more details will be added over time.

Historically, Rasputin is widely known as an outrageous debaucher, a cunning villain, or by his striking profile. By all accounts he is a mysterious figure, due to the masses of misinformation spread about him. In this interpretation, we focus on the man as a faith healer, largely unaware of his impact on other players.

Rasputin's design is intended to satisfy a player's need for presence. If you want the enemy team to pay attention to you, there is no better hero for the job. Infamy cements him in the minds of the enemy team, and in engagements his vision-blocking makes him a high priority for them to deal with.

The high cast range on Mystic Shashka and Rush of Faith allow him to threaten lanes from a distance. Enemies can see him cast both abilities, but the way they resolve isn't determined until later: allowing for some element of surprise despite Rasputin always being visible.

On-lane, he shows good durability using the self-heal of Rush of Faith with Vivid Words for sustain and Peerless Stature to handle heavy pressure. However, his escape tools are poor: the delay before Rush of Faith can be interrupted, Vivid Words can't slow at close range, and Mystic Shashka's Perplex is too slow-acting to stop enemies from chasing if they smell blood.

Similarly, the geometry of his abilities aren't well-suited for laning: it is difficult to land Mystic Shashka and Vivid Words won't often hit more than two targets. The jungle is intentionally a more natural fit, given that Infamy's vision-blocking is already an oppressive laning tool.

Offensively his kit is low-key. Most of his potential for damage comes through his access to Perplex (which can eventually kill if the enemy keeps moving), or basic attacks which can be a good option if he builds for them.

Hero Tags (Theme)
Monk (1.0)
Brute (1.0)