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Design Features
Server Status
  • Primarily a hero shooter, but has a basic lane-pushing mode with a single lane. Aside from levelling up, heroes can build miniature towers, healing pads, or accelerator pads at a few predetermined locations.

  • Simple 1v1 one-lane game, offers some troop customisation but not much else.

  • Experimented with use of the z-axis, as well as new harvester objectives and an "affinity card" system.

  • Mobile game resembling League of Legends, with slightly simpler heroes and action controls. It's enormously popular, and the Chinese audience is reportedly 54% female. The non-Chinese version of the game uses different characters, targeted for the western market.

  • Fictional and historic characters compete for points in a sports-themed arena. Victory is achieved by destroying the enemy base, reaching 20 points, or point advantage at 20 minutes.

  • Community project intended as a spiritual successor to Dawngate. It has since been discontinued, and the work to-date made open-source as a Unity3D project.

  • Allows teams to upgrade their lane troops, allowing for some level of RTS strategy.

  • Originally a 3v3 tablet game with a single lane and hotly contested jungle. Now also available in 5v5, and on PC and mac.