Interview: Nelson Lee

10th Dec, 2019By Softmints20 minutes

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to chat with Nelson 'TekkVicious' Lee, the developer behind an old favourite of mine Enmity Campaign. We talk about Warcraft III, the fighting game community, design decisions, and what can be learned through the process of game development.

Softmints: Good morning Nelson, and welcome!

Nelson: Thanks for having me!

We'll dive right in.


12th Jul, 2017By Softmints18 minutes

Today: a special feature! Martin 'Cyclotrutan' Schwesinger, the developer of Darkening of Tirisfal / Crimson Coast (2009) joins us for an interview!


15th May, 2014By Softmints8 minutes
It's another interview; this time with moonliterhythm (aka SuaVe), the developer of perSonas/Arkana! I used to share a forum with him many years ago, so this was a surprise reunion.


10th Apr, 2014By Softmints12 minutes
erwtenpeller was one of the Warcraft modding community's most established artists. He is well known for his distinctive cartoony style, serving as the art director at the modding site, and his work can be seen in a wide variety of maps.


11th Jan, 2014By Softmints9 minutes

Today we have a special feature: an interview with Rising_Dusk! Dusk is a veteran Warcraft modder, known particularly for his two AoS projects: Advent of the Zenith (AotZ) and Desert of Exile (DoE), as well as his infamously difficult dungeon crawler Obsidian Depths.