17th Sep, 2013By Softmints

Lane-Pushing Games is a project by game designer Sean 'Softmints' Carton (that's me!) to document the rich and versatile history of the MOBA genre of video games.

Rather than focus on the biggest and most popular titles, this site aims to cover a broad range of mobas: particularly in the era before they reached commercial success.

The site contains:

  • The Lane-Pushing Games Wiki, a richly tagged index of all lane-pushing games to date. It is currently incomplete, and not public-access, but you can search the games and see the entries we have.
  • Reviews of some of Warcraft's finest and most memorable AoS maps, intended an open reference for moba designers who didn't experience them first-hand, or just for anyone who wants to take a walk down memory lane.
  • Game Design Articles, offering a critical analysis of the features, mechanics, and open issues seen in lane-pushing games today.
  • Interviews with notable contributors to the space of lane-pushing games.
  • References to other useful material relating to moba game design.