This site hosts articles by long-time Warcraft map developer and enthusiast Softmints, under a few categories:

  1. Detailed reviews of some of Warcraft’s finest and most memorable AoS maps, intended an open reference for moba designers who didn’t experience them first-hand, or just for anyone who wants to take a walk down memory lane.
  2. Critical analysis of the features, mechanics, and open issues seen in lane-pushing games today.
  3. Special features, such as interviews with notable contributors to the space of lane-pushing games.

Reviews are queued to go live on Thursdays (if I’ve written one). Expect roughly one feature per month.

Got questions, comments, content that you’d like to see, or just want to chat? Maybe you’ve played a few of the maps and have some stories to share? The doors are always open. Contact me at:


(As this site’s content is intended as referential material, I may update or reorganise articles when it makes sense to do so. All rights reserved; material is not for republication in whole or in part.)


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