Moba Survey 2017

Hi folks,

I’m running a survey about mobas! If you have 10 minutes to spare, I’d be very appreciative if you could take a look (now closed!). This is on behalf of an upcoming moba that I’m working on.



4 thoughts on “Moba Survey 2017

  1. You’re working on a full-fledged MOBA? Cool.

    You’ve mentioned the original Dota in your last post.. something from it is what I would love to see in a new MOBA: The heavy dependency on the team.

    Items that could instantly heal you were either not there or very expensive, so you were dependent on those healers every team had. The team also failed if you didn’t have those pushers who were able to summon creeps to take down the buildings.

    In today’s most popular MOBAs, the distinction between heroes is actually a lot weaker, despite all the talk about “carrys, nukers” – having enough money, you can turn any hero into a versatile tank with the right items.

    The downside is that people will get easier frustrated if the game would even more depend on the right team-composition than today. But, it would also distinguish the game for sure. Maybe the mood wouldn’t be so toxic as well if every player would be truly needed in a match.

  2. I just wrote a very long and detailed reply on the last page on that survey, and then found that this managed to timeout the survey session time, so the survey software decided to ignore my reply and restart the survey.

    I suggest you switch to survey software that is a little less amazingly evil, immediately.

    • Really sorry about this! I’ve adjusted the server so timeouts shouldn’t happen anymore. Your thoughts would still be appreciated – please contact me by email, dm on discord (softmints#6689) or just leave a comment here which will be read but remain unpublished.

      • I managed to get it submitted. But getting my text back after the survey software had decided to just throw it away was a challenge. If I had to rewrite the whole thing from scratch, I would not have bothered.

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