Weekend news

A couple of things for your attention:

  • I will be hanging out at the Galway Game Gathering all weekend! Come say hi if you’re attending.
  • For those of you who have it installed, a very committed user arsjac has reproduced the original Defense of the Ancients mod within Dota2! It’s now a full 1:1 port. I’ve been meaning to review this forever; hopefully I get to it before the end of the year… Go check it out!
  • There is a major site upgrade for lpg in the works! Despite having a lot of content, it isn’t indexed very well at the moment. Expect big changes on that front around late October. (If anyone likes drupal/d3.js development and wants a side project; get in touch!)
  • New twitter account! It will have lpg and maybe some other things too.



One thought on “Weekend news

  1. I am looking forward for the review of the original Dota port!

    Just a note: There is no voice-over for the heroes. It’s due to a bug related the custom hero-selection screen. The bug got introduced by some Dota 2 patch some months ago and it’s not possible to circumvent it without losing the custom hero-selection. But without that it’s not possible to achieve the mechanic of the heroes being tied to their respective factions, which was integral to the original Dota.

    Apart from the voice, everything works though. And as I said, I look forward to the review!

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