Next review

It’s been a while since the last update; just writing to say there’ll be a new post up later this month.


5 thoughts on “Next review

  1. Hey there, I have recently started reading all your posts and I really like them. I hope more come soon there is nothing really making these in-depth analysis of all these cool concepts warcraft 3 is giving birth to. May I ask, are you planing on making reviews of other types of maps which are not so linked to this new fashion of Aeon of Strife games (More commonly known as “Moba”).

    Good luck!

  2. Hi folks,

    Thanks for the continued interest.

    I am not currently planning to review games which are still in active development, as they are more than adequately resourced by their respective communities, and it is a hassle to ensure my writing stays up-to-date about a moving target.

    I am not aware of any mobile games which have enough depth to warrant review, but if you think you know of such a game, please email me and I will investigate.

    The scope of this website is lane-pushing games, reflecting my personal passion for the AoS genre. Much as I have enjoyed other Warcraft III maps over the years, trying to write about Uther’s Party or Element TD here would be comparing apples to oranges. Focusing on a single genre is what lets me draw meaningful comparisons between the maps, and give context to the unique features that each has to offer.

    If you are interested in seeing writing about other Warcraft III maps, the best thing to do is start writing!

    Finally, there will be a new review up tomorrow.

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